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We are seeking young and prospective member to go to the future all along with. Apply to the leading technical team to realize your dream.
1. Requirements
- Android Developer 
+ At least 1 year experience in developing Android apps, Android SDK master, Java
+ Experience in building a complete Android app.
+ Prefer to read & understand documents in English fairly well.
+ Apps on Google Play can be an advantage.
- IOS Developer: 07
+ At least 1 year experience in iOS app development
+ There are good logical thinking, understanding of data structures, algorithm, design pattern. Depth understanding of OOP, OOD.
+ Ability to read & write English
- Server (Priority Java): 05
+ At least 1 year experience in back-end development, WebService (Priority Java).
+ Proficiency Core Java, JavaEE, OOP
+ Proficient in the design, construction and management of databases (MySql, SQL Server, Oracle).
+ Have experience working with mobile app
+ Ability to read - write English.
2. Working environment
+ 8 Hours : from 8 AM to 5 PM.
+ Every allowances : Lunch, transportation, residence, training
+ Support all social insurances
+ Strong incentives on performance.
+ Salary adjustment two times per year.
3. Profile
Priority CV + soft copy (English or Vietnamese) submitted via email, or file link includes demo app store (maybe demo at the interview if necessary)
+ Deadline: Always
+ Contact:  097 993 3262 (Ms. Kim Anh)
+ Email: dinhkimanhhvnh@gmail.com