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1. When you visit Korea, this app would be helpful to choose better and safe place, of delicious restaurant, beauty shop and other enjoyable place.
2. You can visit Korean good place to eat, tour, buy with discount coupon voucher.
3. This app shows each place's detailed item, map and price.
4. You can make convenient schedule to Korea with this app.


 Main function:
- Chat & Multimedia Transmission (photos)
- Chat with built-in mini browser Internet chat room during conversations.
- Easy and convenient for sharing web content for friends
- See the collection of multiple SNS with one single application
- Friends can be found contact management system
- Many small and medium businesses promote and talk with customer.
- Customers, as well, can chat with shops, restaurants, drivers ... etc.


1. What is “Storetalks” ?  
To enhance sales amount between wholesaler and retailers with fast new product broadcasting, based on messenger communication...
2. Key functions.
  • Release orders on chat seeing product’s images.
  • Send broadcasting message of new products and price.
  • With automatic recommendation friends function, members can expand partners and customers and improve sales revenue.
3. Effects of Storetalks
  • Manufacturer / Wholesaler
Can verify market’s response of new products.
Expand distribution channels through easy to find retailers.
  • Reseller / Manufacturer
Easy to meet wholesalers and expand product lines.
Save time (show product without direct visiting)
  • Customer
Easy to get new product information and direct buying.
Available sell/buy secondhand product by individual shop management.
Sear product and compare price compare and direct buying.